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Study Times: Strengthen the Construction of a Social Integrity System from the Institutional System

The following is an article published on the ‘Study Times‘, the official magazine of the Central Party School, on October 23, 2017.

Strengthen the construction of a Social Integrity System from the institutional system

Study Times, 23 October 2017

Li Haibing

The construction of a social integrity system is a complex systemic project. At present, in our society there are many social unhealthy phenomena such as economic disputes, telecommunications fraud, indifference for human feelings, and lack of trust, and one of the important reasons lies in problems in the construction of the integrity system. It is not difficult to understand that the construction of an integrity system in the process of social governance is particularly important. It should start with the institutional system, and earnestly strengthen a social integrity system [based on] honesty and the keeping of promises, observance of morality and customs.

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