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MOU on the Joint Punishment of Listed Companies Engaging in Misconduct or Breaches of Trust

Memorandum of Understanding on the Joint Punishment of Subjects of Liability of Listed Companies Who Engage in Misconduct or Breaches of Trust

In order to comprehensively implement the spirit of the 18th Party Congress, and of the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, Plenums, to implement the requests of praising integrity and punishing breaches of trust, posed by such documents as the “State Council Opinions on Promoting Safe Competition and Safeguarding the Normal Order of the Market” (State Council Document no. 20 [2013]), the “State Council Notice Issuing the Planning Outline on the Construction of a Social Credit System (2014-2020)” (State Council Document no. 21 [2014], the “State Council General Office Notice on Further Strengthening the Protecton of the Rights and Interests of Small and Medium-Sized Investors in Capital Markets (State Council Document no. 110 [2013]), the Development and Reform Commission, the SFC, the People’s Bank, the Central Spiritual Civilization Office, the Supreme People’s Court, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Commerce, SASAC, the General Administration of Customs, the General Administration of Taxation, the General Administration of Industry and Commerce, AQSIQ, the China Food and Drug Administration, the Central Leading Group for Cyberspace Affairs, CBRC, the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the Foreign Exchange Bureau, the National Federation of Trade Unions, on the basis of relevant laws and regulations, rules and normative documents, have reached the following unanimous opinion on the joint punishment of listed companies and related institutions and their personnel who engage in misconduct or breaches of trust.

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