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The Meaning and Extension of ‘Social Credit System’

The following article first appeared on the official website of the State Council – China’s supreme organ of administrative power – among the ¬†official articles and commentaries published shorty after the adoption of the Planning Outline on the Construction of a Social Credit System (2014 – 2020). Its author, Han Jiaping, is the Director of the Ministry of Commerce Research Centre on Credit and Electronic Commerce. The original version of the essay can be found here. The essay is useful for a general understanding of what social credit in China is.

The Meaning and Extension of ‘Social Credit System’

Han Jiaping

The “Outline”1 adopts a broad definition of the meaning and the extension. 2 of social credit system in our country. This is very consistent with the reality of the construction of credit in China at the moment. It not only embodies the understanding of the concept of credit since ancient times, it also reflects the basic characteristics of the problems of social credit in China at this stage, it is a scientific assertion.

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