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And I would have stayed there for a long time, such was the charm of the conversation with this person, that it filled me with distinctions.

In each of the corridors from one section to another, there are marble sinks, towels, and cleaning supplies, as well as places of relief in a perfect state of cleanliness.

Always descending and entering by twists and turns that led us to large rooms, the guide kept telling us:

“Luggage is checked here.” This department is the one that is understood with the Express. This more elegant room that seems more cared for, is the jewelry section. See you. those pictures, those maps, those books: everything is a bookstore here.

We made the descent into limbo of leathers and china and glassware: some were imprisoned there because the heat did not harm them; the other, to avoid in the tragin of the world contacts that endangered their existence.

Those underground illuminated by artificial light; that deserted city crossed by shadows, is an epic of horror.

After walking for some time, we still descended and we found ourselves surrounded, after crossing thick walls, by the peaceful light of day.

That is the palace of the machines, the government of the waters and the atmosphere.

The young man who serves this department was materially covered in a striped canvas, and one can hardly give an idea of ​​a more jovial and accommodating character.

Full of soot; with his burnt dress and with the appearance of a crude stoker, he is an engineer of vast education, of fine manners and of extreme goodness.

He showed us his machines with the love that a gardener shows his beloved plants; like an Englishman his dogs; like an old soldier his weapons. He told us:

they can hold three tons each; they have the strength of ten horses. In these stoves, about a ton of coal is consumed per day. These tubes are for heating the building: ventilation is communicated with those others.

And the boy went up and down and went through the bankruptcies and accidents of his kingdom, like a hand exercising the keys of a piano.

– There will be you. warned, M. Grogan told me, large numbers on all floors and a little box under them. This little box has a button from which an electrical wire hangs in contact with a clock. That is the great vigilance of these warehouses.

Of many guards who take turns, each one in turn, and without rest, has the obligation to go through the entire building in all its departments, in less than an hour, going up from floor to floor in four minutes.

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