Privacy Notice

We are committed to taking care of any information you may make available to us when you visit this website, in accordance with the GDPR. The present privacy notice applies to the website If you leave this website, and use a website owned or operated by a third party, the Coalition for Peace and Ethics cannot be held responsible for the privacy and data protection pratices adopted by that website. You are advised to use the maximum caution, and review the privacy policies of all the websites your visit.

Your personal data

To access this website you do not need to create an account, or to provide us with any personal information. Most of the personal information we gather about you is obtained through the forms available on this website, or if you contact us via email. The personal data we store and process may include your name and the contact details you choose to provide to us (i.e.: email address, phone number, postal address). We do not transfer or sell your personal data to any third parties.


When you visit this website the anonymized details of your IP address, your operating system, browser type, the web pages you visit are received by our website and stored by our server. This information is used to analyze how our visitors use our website, and it is archived in anonymous form for historical records.

This website uses ‘cookies’. Cookies are text files placed on your computer when you visit this website, to optimize the website performance, and help us understand how you use our website. Cookies do not collect personal data, but they transmit data created during your browsing. Some cookies are automatically deleted from your computer when you leave this website, or close the browser window, or expire automatically. Other cookies can remain on your computer. This website uses the following cookies:

  • analytics cookies set by Google Analytics.  The Google Analytics technology is used by Google to collect anonymized information about the pages you choose to visit, the lenght of your visit, the clicks on our pages, your return visits, the approximate geographical coordinates of your visit. This data helps us understand the performance of our website. We collect aggregated data about the interests and demographics of our visitors, via Google Analytics. You can opt out of Google Analytics tracking at any time.
  • PHP, Javascript, Java and ASP cookies. These cookies allow the normal functioning of our website. If you do not want to receive these cookies, you can change your browser settings, or delete the cookies from your computer.
  • tracking and analytics cookies. We use social media tracking and analytics to collect anonymized metadata (IP address, search keywords, number of impressions, clicks,  geographical location) that do not identify our visitors. This data is encrypted, and used by major social media platforms to produce statistics about our visitors and their interests. We are unable to view your IP address, or to know your identity through the statistics produced by analytics report. To know when social media cookies expire, to learn more about their cookie policies, and how to remove these cookies, you can read the cookie policies of the social media platforms you use, and learn how to remove their cookies. You can choose to block or delete the cookies used by social media platforms as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WeChat, and others.

You have the right to request copies of the personal data we hold about you, to ask us to delete our data from our servers, to update it, or correct it. To do so, please contact us.