China’s National Development and Reform Commission Coverage of a Seminar on Global Social Credit Initiatives (4)

Creating a New Model of Research on China’s Credit Legislation and Credit Rating From an International Perspective

Zhonghongwang, 25 April 2018

The Seminar Venue

Photo: Zhonghongwang Reporter Zhang Quan

Zhonghongwang – Beijing, April 25 (Reporter Wang Jingyi). This morning, a seminar bringing together senior experts in research on domestic and foreign credit legislation was held at Zhonghongwang. The seminar aimed at drawing from the European and American credit construction experience from an open perspective, and providing references for topics such as research on China’s credit construction, systems creation, and credit evaluation.

Foreign experts attending the seminar included Professor Larry Backer, and Professor Flora Sapio, formerly a honorary fellow at the CIW at the ANU. They respectively reported on the status of the construction of the U.S. and European credit system. Zhu Shaoming, the President of the Foundation for Law and International Affairs, was among the experts attending the seminar.

According to reports, Professor Backer’s presentation on the U.S. credit system was chaired by Professor Shi Xinzhong, director of the Credit Legislation and Credit Evaluation Research Center of Capital Normal University. In the afternoon, Professor Flora Sapio’s presentation on the European credit system was chaired by the director of the Beijing Municipal Academy of Social Sciences Survey and Research Center. Lu Xiaocheng moderated the presentation.

The Chinese experts participating to the seminar include:

Liu Zhaobin. President, China Quality Promotion Association, former General Engineer at AQSIQ

Fang Zhulan. Professor, School of Economics, Renmin University of China

Lin Yuyue. Director, Credit Academic Committee of China Market Society

Han Jiaping. Director, the Institute of Credit Research, Ministry of Commerce

Liu Weiguang. China International E-Commerce Center, Ministry of Commerce

Wang Yong. Researcher, Credit Department, Department of Market Order, Ministry of Commerce

Guo Wenbo. Department of Finance, Department of Credit, National Development and Reform Commission

Han Zhongliang. Researcher, Beijing Academy of Social Sciences

Dou Xiangxiang. Professor of Finance, Peking University

Jing Hua. Secretary General, Beijing Xinxin World Social Innovation Development Center

Sun Ping. Associate Research Fellow, Center for China Rule of Law, East China University of Political Science and Law

Sun Zhiwei. Professor, Beijing University of Materials Science

Xiao Weizhi. Deputy Dean of the Credit Risk Management College of Xiangtan University

Lian Guangyang. Lecturer at the Faculty of Law of Xiangtan University, former a doctoral student at the Università di Roma Tor Vergata, Italy.

Xie Wei. Lecturer at Xiangtan University Law School, Doctor of Law, at the Università di Roma “La Sapienza”, Rome, Italy.

Jin Shanming. Associate Researcher, Institute of Law, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Fu Hongyu. Associate Dean, School of Law, Beijing Foreign Studies University.

Zhang Jinbo. Beijing Changping Science and Technology Park Development Co., Ltd.

Wu Gaochen. Professor and Deputy Dean, School of Politics and Law, Capital Normal University

Xie Xinshui. Professor and Deputy Dean, School of Management, Capital Normal University

Dan Weili. Associate Professor, College of Political Science and Law, Capital Normal University

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