Selected Legislation in English

Provisional Measures on Managing the Directory of Enterprises With Abnormal Business Operations01/10/2014In Force
Notice of the Ministry of Civil Affairs Issuing Evaluation Indicators for All Categories of Social Organizations23/08/2011In Force
Notice on Lowering the Service Fees of Credit Reference Centres of the People's Bank of China28/08/2017In Force
Memorandum of Understanding on the Joint Punishment of Subjects who Breach Trust in the Field of Insurance28/08/2017In Force
Regulations on the Administration of Internet Follow-Up Comments Services01/10/2017In Force
Notice on Further Performing Well the Work of Returning, Checking and Correcting Errors in the Unified Social Credit Number for Legal Persons and Other Organizations15/05/2017In Force
General Office of the CBRC Notice on Further Strengthening the Construction of Integrity in the Banking System06/05/2016In Force
Memorandum of Understanding on the Joint Punishment of Subjects Who Seriously Breach Trust in the Financial Sector09/03/2017In Force
Memorandum of Understanding on the Joint Punishment of Subjects who Breach Trust in the Field of Real Estate27/06/2017In Force
Provisional Regulations on Enterprise Information Publicity01/10/2014In Force
Notice on Comprehensively Pushing Forward Matters Relevant to the Unified Social Credit Number For Social Organizations24/04/2017In Force
Measures for the Use and Operation of the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System (For Trial Implementation)27/06/2017In Force
Reply of the State Council Agreeing to Adjusting the Responsibilities and Member Units of the Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference on the Construction of a Social Credit System17/06/2012In Force
Guiding Opinion on Promoting the Development of the Sharing Economy03/07/2017In Force
Work Plan on Government Departments Collection and Disclosure of Enterprises’ Information08/08/2016In Force
Some Opinions of the Supreme People’s Court on Providing Judicial Safeguards to Improve the Business Environment07/08/2017In Force
Announcement No. 1 [2016] of the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China20/01/2016In Force
MOU on the Joint Punishment of Listed Companies24/12/2015In Force
Reply on Entrusting the Construction of a Credit System in the Electric Power Industry to the China Electricity Council06/09/2017In Force
Zhejiang Province Regulations on Managing Public Credit Information30/09/2017In Force from 1 January 2018
NDRC, NEA Measures on the Market Entry and Exit of Electricity Providers08/08/2016In Force
Guiding Opinion on Further Improving the Governance Structure of SOEs24/04/2017In Force
Resolution on Amending the Constitution of the Chinese Communist Party24/10/2017In Force
NDRC Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of a Credit System in the Field of Foreign Economic Cooperation31/11/2017In Force
Regulations of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Ministry of Supervision on the Protection of Persons Making Reports and Accusations19/01/1996In Force