Tianjin Municipality

TitleDate Status
Tianjin Municipality Opinion on Further Improving the Meddical Insurance System23/06/2016In Force
Notice on Adjusting the Capital Credit Evaluation of Bidders to Construction Projects17/01/2017In Force
Notice Issuing the Tianjin 2014-2020 Outline on the Construction of a Social Credit System19/06/2015In Force
Tianjin Municipality Implementing Plan on Strengthening Integrity in Administrative Affairs21/08/2017In Force
Tianjin Municipality Implementing Plan on Strengthening the Construction of a System of Individual Integrity09/08/2017In Force
Notice on the Results of the 2015-2016 Evaluation of Enterprises Integrity in Pricing05/05/2017Not Relevant
Notice on the Status of the 2015-2016 Movement on Street and Township Models of Integrity Measurement26/12/2016Not Relevant
Notice Recommending the 2015-2016 Integrity in Pricing Tianjin Units04/11/2016Not Relevant
Notice Determining the 2014-2015 Civilized and Trustworthy Markets in Tianjin03/06/2016Not Relevant
Decision Commending the 2015 Trustworthy Enterprises in the Construction Sector in Tianjin18/03/2016Not Relevant
Notice on Conducting the Movement on Building Civilized and Trustworthy Markets28/10/2015Not Relevant
Notice on Further Promoting the Construction of Integrity in Our City's Food Processing Enterprises23/09/2015In Force
Notice on the Work of Promoting Models of Integrity Among Markets10/08/2015Not Relevant
Decision Commending the 2014 Trustworthy and Outstanding Construction Enterprises in Tianjin02/03/2015Not Relevant
Notice on the Credit Rating of Cost Consulting Enterprises07/02/2017In Force
Measures on the Credit Rating of Engineering Construction Projects Bidding Agencies26/12/2016In Force
Measures on the Credit Rating of Construction Projects Supervision Enterprises26/12/2016In Force
Tianjin 2016 Standards and Rating Indicators for the Credit Rating of Buildings Construction Enterprises09/12/2016In Force