Fujian Province

2017/09/27Fujian Province Implementation Plan on Strengthening a System of Individual Integrity2017-09-27 17:17:24
2017/08/30Fuzhou Municipality Work Plan on Joint Incentives and Punishments for Social Organizations2017-08-30 10:21:59
2017/05/15Fuzhou Muncipality Work Plan on Constructing a Social Credit System in the Roadways and Transportation Industry2017-05-15 07:56:00
2017/01/23Fujian Province Implementation Plan on Improving a Joint Punishment Mechanism for Breaches of Trust and Accelerating the Construction of a Social Integrity System2017-01-23 08:35:00
2016/12/26General Office of the Fujian Provincial Committee of the CPC, General Office of the Fujian People’s Government Notice Issuing the Opinion on Accelerating the Construction of Credit Supervision, Warning and Punishment Mechanisms For Persons Subject to Enforcement2016-12-26 08:42:00
2016/06/20Fujian Province Implementing Opinion on Enterprises Environmental Credit Rating (for Trial implementation)2016-06-20 08:37:00
2016/03/14Fujian Province Quality Inspection Bureau Notice Issuing the Fujian Province Implementation Plan on Constructing an Integrity System on the Quality of Elevators (For Trial implementation2016-03-14 17:03:00
2016/03/02Ningde Municipality Transportation Bureau Notice Issuing the Implementation Plan on the Construction of a Social Integrity System in the Transportation Industry2016-03-02 14:47:00
2015/08/01Fujian Province Temporary Measures on Managing Public Credit Information2015-08-01 08:38:00
2015/03/08Fujian Outline on the Construction of a Social Credit System 2015 – 20202015-03-08 17:58:00