User experience with the landing page

The user experience with the target page is a term from Google AdWords. In the tool, it indicates the relevance and usefulness for the user when clicking on an ad, i.e. whether the user actually gets the desired content displayed on the website.

Information about the user experience with the landing page

As mentioned above, this estimate indicates whether the placed or planned ad contains an added value for the user in connection with the selected keyword. It also has an influence on Google’s quality factor. This influences not insignificantly the click rate (CPC) that advertisers may have to pay in the auction with competitors. There are three possible classifications that Google issues:

  • average
  • above average
  • below average

In the first two cases, there is no problem on the target page, i.e. the landing page, in connection with the keyword. If a below-average rating is displayed, the page should be reviewed and optimized. While this does not violate the guidelines on the part of AdWords, it does exert a negative influence on the quality factor. In addition, this indication also helps as there does not seem to be a good user experience with the landing page. This means that even if users click on the ad, they might leave quickly and without conversion because the content provided does not meet user expectations.

Optimization options

There are numerous factors that should be considered for landing pages. First and foremost, they should be well-structured and list all essential information quickly and transparently. This also includes the content, which should be created in connection with the keyword. Here, it is advisable to present services, products, and the company well and clearly before a call to action is mentioned. There are also other usability factors. For example, the website should also function smoothly on mobile devices and load quickly on both mobile and desktop PCs. The same applies to the rest of the website if the user continues surfing. It should also be ensured that users can quickly access company data and easily find information on payment options or data protection, for example.