Forms, an administrative burden, or a supportive tool?

Digitizing forms

Is digitizing forms a burden for you? Digital forms for the customers are a joy.

Because HeyForm forms streamline the flow of information within your organization, and that is an immediate and substantial gain!

No fill-in forms of course, but smart digitized forms, with intelligent functions such as workflow management and action management.

The success of the HeyForm web forms is its simplicity.

So digitizing forms without IT codes and no expensive IT specialists.

Building together with the end-users within the business process.

This way you make a flying start with a recognizable digital form, such as a digital checklist or registration form.

Moreover, the workflow of the form can be set up according to your own taste, and of course with informative and interactive e-mail messages.

What are digital forms used for?

HeyForm online forms are used almost everywhere.

Because once you experience the benefits, the other business processes automatically become part of the improvement process.

In small but also large organizations.

That is why you will find our customers everywhere, from production to healthcare institutions.

But also administration offices and service organizations.

Everywhere you want to record information you can digitize forms with HeyForms.

Digitizing forms in manufacturing companies

For example, there are many SME manufacturing companies that use HeyForm web forms for practical quality management.

For example:

  • Audit and inspection
  • Incident registration
  • Blockage notification
  • Work permits
  • Quality inspections
  • Waiting reports
  • Customer and supplier complaints

Forms in healthcare

The administration is also a major concern in healthcare. Of course, it’s important to record critical items.

But do it smartly. At the HeyForm web forms are used for all kinds of different reports such as deviations, improvement proposals, and maintenance reports.

By making optimal use of the functionalities within HeyForm, they succeeded in digitizing one umbrella form.
This automatically generates an up-to-date overview of attention points and actions.

Curious about what HeyForm can do for your organization?

Feel free to contact HeyForm to discuss the possibilities. Teams are happy to share their knowledge and experience. It will soon be more profitable than you think!