[Document Summary] Opinions on Strenghtening Central Enterprises Overseas Corruption’s Risk Prevention and Control

This post provides a summary of the “Opinions on Strengthening Central Enterprises Overseas Corruption Risk Prevention and Control”, published by official Chinese sources. This document was issued in late December 2017, and its full text is not available yet.

This circumstance is entirely normal,  given how some of the provisions in the full-text version of this document may relate to the security of state-owned assets of the PRC.

The full-text of this document may or may not remain unpublished. Readers should be aware that Party documents which are not published in their entirety, and through a medium accessible to the public, may be covered by state secret. Those who disseminate them, or claim to have read them in their entirety, or to have attended closed-doors events discussing them, etc. expose themselves and others to risks of various kinds, regardless of the truthfulness of their claims. 

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