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NDRC: Requirements Related to Credit Mentioned Several Times in Report to the 19th Congress

As the 19th Congress of the CCP opens in Beijing, international observers are parsing and summarizing Xi Jinping’s work report. In the meantime, the National Development and Reform Commission has published an article excerpting sections of the work report relevant to social credit.

Requirements Related to Credit Mentioned Several Times in Report to the 19th Congress.

On October 18, the 19th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party opened in the Great Hall of the People, in Beijing. Xi Jinping delivered the work report to the 19th Congress, on behalf of the 18th Central Committee.

In delivering his report to the 19th Congress, Comrade Xi Jinping repeatedly mentioned contents directly relevant to credit construction, as excerpted below, and as provided to the fellow students who could not take notes:

Deepen institutional reform, and reform of the administrative system. Consider the set-up of all types of institutions, scientifically allocate the powers of Party and government departments, and of internal departments, clarify the responsibilities. Use all kinds of staffing resources to form a scientific and rational management system, and improve organizational legislation on national institutions. Transform government functions, deepen administrative decentralization, innovate supervision methods, strengthen the credibility and implementing capability of government, and build a service-oriented government that satisfies the People.

Strengthen ideological and moral construction.The people have faith, the country has power, and the nation has hope. Improve the people’s ideological awareness, moral standards, civility, improve the level of civilization of the entire society. Extensively carry out education on ideals and belief, deepen the propaganda and education on socialism with Chinese characteristics and the Chinese Dream, carry forward the national spirit and the spirit of the times, strengthen education to patriotism, collectivism and Socialism, guide people to set up a correct view of history, of the nation, of the state, and of culture.Deeply implement projects to construct civic morality, promote social morality, professional ethics, family virtues, personal moral construction, encourage the People to be virtuous, filial, to love the family, to be loyal to the motherland, and loyal to the People. Strengthen and improve ideological and political work, and deepen movements to construct a mass spiritual civilization. Carry forward the spirit of science, popularize scientific knowledge, conduct a fresh air action to transform old habits and customs, carry forward the spirit of the times, and resist the erosion of backward culture. Promote the construction of integrity and the institutionalization of voluntary services, strengthen the awareness of social responsibility, of rules, of dedication.

Focus on solving outstanding environmental problems. Uphold governance by the entire People, prevention and cure at the source, uphold continuous actions to prevent and control air pollution, and win the Blue Sky Defense. Accelerate water pollution control, implement the comprehensive management of river basins and inshore maritime areas. Strengthen the control of and the remedy to soil pollution, enhance the prevention and control of surface pollution of agricultural soil, conduct actions to bring under control the environment in rural residential areas. Strengthen the disposal of solid waste and of waste. Improve pollution emission standards, strengthen the responsibility of polluters, improve environmental protection credit rating, mandatory information disclosure, and systems such as severe punishments and fines. Establish an environmental governance system led by the government, with enterprises as the subject, with the participation of social organization and the masses. Actively participate in global environmental governance and implement commitments on reducing emissions.

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