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Changes in the Social Credit Black List and Red List Systems Announced

On October 30, the National Development and Reform Commission and the People’s Bank of China made initial steps to introduce fundamental changes to the black list and the red list systems.

The black list system and the red list system are two of the most important mechanisms to ensure compliance with legal obligations, technical standards, and contractual obligations by foreign and domestic enterprises, social organizations, administrative organs, and individuals.

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Guiding Opinion on Strengthening and Regulating the Management of the Lists of Joint Incentive Mechanisms for Keeping Trust, and Joint Punishment Mechanisms for Breaching Trust

国家发展改革委 人民银行关于加强和规范





  为全面贯彻落实党中央、国务院关于加强社会信用体系建设的一系列重大决策部署,深入实施《国务院关于印发社会信用体系建设规划纲要(2014—2020年)的通知》(国发〔201421号)、《国务院关于建立完善守信联合激励和失信联合惩戒制度加快推进社会诚信建设的指导意见》(国发〔201633号),建立守信联合激励对象和失信联合惩戒对象名单制度(以下简称“红名单”和“黑名单”制度),完善守法诚信褒奖和违法失信惩戒的联动机制,现提出如下意见。 Read More