Ministry of Civil Affairs General Office Notice on Comprehensively Pushing Forward Matters Relevant to the Unified Social Credit Number For Social Organizations

Ministry of Civil Affairs Letter No. 84 (2017)

To the civil affairs departments (bureaus) of all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, to the civil affairs bureau of the Xinjiang Construction and Construction Corps, and to all national level social organizations:

In order to complete the State Council system on the nation-wide attribution of a National Unified Social Credit Number by the end of 2017; promote the task of integrating multiple licences; realize the nation-wide conversion of a unified social credit number (hereinafter “unified number”) for social organizations at all levels, it is hereby notified as follows:

1. Completing the assignment of the reserve code

For social organizations established before January 1, 2016, the reserve code shall be converted according to the orginal code of the social organization. Where information in the reserve code is not clear, the existing registration code of the social organization shall be used. Where no certificate bearing the organization code exists, a new code may directly be attributed after the organization has provided written materials to explain [relevant] circumstances. Civil affairs departments at all levels shall complete the task not later than the end of April 2017, and report the electronic data to be aggregated.

2. Completing code information return

The Ministry of Civil Affairs shall take the lead in building the National Social Organization Unified Social Credit Number Information System according to the principle of “one database, one network, one path”. Civil Affairs Bureaus at all levels shall complete the online functions of information recording, submission, search, compilation, printing and other functional applications through a web login or a direct connection to the system, in order to realize the automatic return of data. Ministry of Civil Affairs categories and batch-sequences shall be deployed for use. All localities should agree upon a deployment plan with the Ministry before the end of March. By the end of June, the distribution of county accounts, personnel training, online data input, data import and other basic conditions shall be completed. After national data will have been collected, in the second half of the year, the Ministry will directly return it to the National Credit Information Sharing and Exchange Platform, and send feedback to logal organs, to reduce reporting, and to ease the burden of multiple submissions. Before the National System will be launched, each local organ shall return the data according to the original path and the field requirements.

3. Completing the renewal of certificates

From January 1, 2018 onwards, original registration certificates held by social organizations shall no longer be valid if the registration certificate of the legal person does not bear the unified number. In order to fulfill procedures such as opening a bank account, purchasing vehicles, tax registrations it will be necessary to use the unified number to load the new registration certificate. Each local organ must supervise social organizations’ active renewal of their certificates through documents, meetings, telephone, SMS, website announcements, micro-blogging groups, and emphasize the compulsoriness of the renewal of certificates at the national level, and its convenience. Certificates are to be renewed through the national inspection of social organizations, their change in registration, and their rating. Fees are not to be received for the renewal of certificates. All social organizations should complete the renewal of certificates by October 1, 2017.Reminders shall be strengthened for social organizations with overdue certificates. “Zombie organizations” that have not participated in the annual inspection for several years will receive administrative penalties in accordance with the law, and [relevant information] will be included in the social organization credit management system.

4. Promoting the use of the unified number

The unified number is the national statutory identification code for social organizations, which does not change throughout their existence. Social organizations must voluntary intensify its use. Civil affairs departments at all levels must, in conjunction with reform and development departments and quality inspection departments, establish and guarantee the authoritativeness of the use of the unified number, and guide social organizations to use the unified code as soon as possible. Social organizations are encouraged to display the unified number on their website, on magazines, documents, publicity materials and the business cards of their responsible persons, in order to facilitate the public the access the social organization enquiry platform (the official website of the national enquiry platform is, and its official weibo is “Zhongguo Shehui Zuzhi Dongtai”) to examine their authenticity.

5. Strengthening communication, coordination, supervision and checks

The Ministry of Civil Affairs shall strengthen technical support and professional guidance, and coordinate with the National Development and Reform Commission to introduce a monthly report, a supervision mechanism, and to include the unified number within the scope of this year’s work evaluation of each social organization. Departments and persons whose work is outstanding will be praised, and whose whose work is overdue will be criticized through a notice. At the same time that the construction of the system of a unified social organization number is promoted, provincial civil affairs departments shall actively communicate and coordinate with departments leading the credit system, and strengthen supervision over the work of cities and districts, as well as communication and summaries of data. They shall accelerate the use of the unified number information system, and help to form the preparatory data for the National Database of Social Organizations. Organs responsible for the registration of social organizations at all levels, and civil affairs registration and approval windows must diligently implement the concept of “civil affairs for the people, civil affairs love the people”, and they shall include the unified number system in the work deployments of this year, and timely and patiently solve social organizations’ difficulties in changing their licence number. They shall focus on improving work efficiency and mass satisfaction, and promote the smooth implementation of social organizations’ unified credit number.

Ministry of Civil Affairs General Office

April 24, 2017


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